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Revised Self-Monitoring Scale (RSMS)


The RSMS is a 13-item other-report questionnaire to measure the sensitivity and responsiveness to emotional and non-verbal cues in daily life.

Each item is rated on a 6-point Likert-scale from “never true” to “always true”. There is an additional option “not judgeable”.


Total score is the average score of all items.

Additionally, two sub-scores can be calculated:

  • Ability to modify self-presentation (mean score of 7 items)
  • Ability to perceive socio-emotional expressions of others (mean score of 6 items)

The calculation sheet can be found in downloads.


Paper-pencil format

Administration time

~5 minutes


German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

More information about the RSMS can be found in Literature


With the following links, you can download the RSMS versions in different languages, the scoring guideline and the calculation sheet for the scores:

file RSMS Scoring file Calculation sheet file RSMS German version file RSMS English version file RSMS French version file RSMS Italian version file RSMS Spanish version