Messeplatz, Basel, Switzerland

Basel version of the Awareness of Social Inference Test – Emotion Recognition (BASIT-ER)


The BASIT-ER is a performance-based online instrument to assess emotion recognition skills close to everyday life.

The test contains 21 brief video scenes (max. 50 sec). Developed in cooperation with a film institute and performed by German-speaking professional actors, this video-based approach enables a realistic assessment of emotion recognition.


In each scene, one of the following emotions is portrayed:

  • Anger
  • Disgust
  • Fear
  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Surprise
  • Neutral

Each emotion is presented within three scenes (3x7 = 21 scenes).

After each scene, subjects can choose one or several emotions which they have perceived in the scene. In case several emotions have been selected, the subject is asked whether one of the emotions was perceived more intensely than the other(s) and if yes, to specify this emotion.


Each answer is scored in relation to the subject’s response behaviour on a scale of 0-2.
The following 3 scores will be calculated:

  • Mean score of all emotions together
  • Mean score of all four negative emotions together
  • Mean score for each emotion


The test is self-explanatory and programmed for iPad (also suitable for iOS, Android, PC).

Administration time

20 – 30 minutes



Demo version

With the following link, you can start the demo version of the BASIT-ER: Start demo version

More information about the BASIT-ER can be found in Literature